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10 January 2013 @ 06:09 pm
Currently looking for jobs to get Papin to come home~~♥
My lovely wae are you so pricey these days?!
I am now 50:50 as to the decision of getting you or not OTL
Or is it just that I find you so pricey because I am not financially capable for now?
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10 November 2011 @ 04:07 pm
What do you like to collect?
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21 October 2011 @ 11:00 am
We've all said something mean at some point in our lives. We may not be bullies but we may not always be nice. Write an apology to someone you've hurt in past.
Dear Karlo,

        I've been wanting to say I'm sorry but am unable to do so since we moved out to the city. There you have it, I realized I'm sorry for throwing curses or bad words at you. I realized I didn't really mean it, I just got overwhelmed with your teasing and giving me too much attention. I'm sorry again, 'cause right now I know that's what I want, to have someone notice me, even if it's with naughty teasing. I hope, since a few years have passed since our last encounter, that we can finally be friends. I know we're not on good terms during high school but I hope time relinquished that misunderstanding. I'm open to friendship and reconciliation. You're just one city away from me, but I don't have the heart to look for you and say these things in person. When we meet again, I'm sure that I'll treat you better. I'm always open to friendship and reconciliation.

                                                                                                                                                  Your ever bad-mouthed former classmate,
                                                                                                                                                                  Bea Jai
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I'm suffering terrible mood swings right now, need to get motivated!

Get Motivated .. Start-oh! =]Collapse )

Step 1
One of the first principles to creating more energy is understanding that you get what you focus on in life. So if you are constantly focusing on how tired you are and how lacking in energy you are, then guess what? That's how you will continue to feel. The thoughts that you have and the language you use to yourself create your sense of well-being. Become aware of the thoughts you have so that you can change any that are dragging you down. For example, instead of constantly saying 'I'm so tired', change it to 'I'm recharging'. Even people with heaps of energy need to take time out to recharge their batteries.

Okay. I'm recharging! - where's my batteries coming from? Hoho~

Step 2
Knowing what you want in life. Now I know that most people know what they don't want which is great and a good starting point. However, if you continue to focus on what you don't want, that's what will show up. From now on I want you to imagine how you want to be feeling. How will you know when you are full of energy? What will you be doing differently? What will your day be like? Start to imagine what it will feel like to be full of energy and going about your daily activities with a renewed sense of purpose and drive. I'm sure that you can remember a time when you did have lots of energy, even if it was in your childhood!

Oops. It's already late afternoon, and I'm lacking energy due to too much sleeping.

Step 3
What drains your energy? Now is the time to think about what you tolerate, what you put up with - what drains you, stops you from having more time and energy.

1. Make a list of all those things you have started and not finished. The incompletions in your life. That list of tasks that you will get round to one day.

1. Learning the piano
2. Being able to dance well
3. Controlling my spending habits
4. De-cluttering my room
5. Studying ahead of time
6. Being able to sing well
7. Being physically fit - I'm slim but I never looked healthy

2. Make a list of things you are tolerating at home.

1. Procrastination
2. Laziness
3. Not focusing well
4. Being grouchy

3. Make a list of things you are tolerating at work.

- that would be at school ^^
Not focusing well
2. Panic Mode!
3. Daydreaming too much

Step 4
Raising your energy levels to prepare yourself for action. There are three basic principles:

• We are all or nothing creatures
• Incompletions drain energy from your psyche
• Completions give you energy

Take a good look at your list of in-completions...how important are these things?
Give each one a rating of High, Medium or Low.
What difference would it make if you did complete it?
What difference would it make if you didn't?
Perhaps you have high standards which, if you dropped them a little, would mean that some of the items on the list would disappear.
Next, cross at least one of the incompletions off your list...do it now! Doesn't that feel better?
Next prioritize the incompletions into:
• Must do (these are the ones that you identified as important and would make a big difference)
• Should do (not so important)
• Could do
Now commit to completing at least one of these each day!

Hints: Three ways to complete anything:

• Schedule a time to complete it
• Complete it!
• Declare it complete


Must do!
  • Controlling my spending habits
I consider it as a must do, well, I'm just stating the obvious. I don't have much savings because I spend my money too much in my guilty pleasures.

Schedule: Everyday! I should put my mind into it.

  • Studying ahead of time
I know U-know that this will benefit my future,

Schedule: Everyday, 1 hour each day, so to speak. But the no. of hours increases depending on the needs - exams, quizzes, you got it.

Should Do!
  • Learning the piano
This shouldn't be too hard, but it's my fault I find it so because I'm procrastinating.

Schedule: 1 hour everyday, but sometime depending on schedules - whether my brain is too tired to learn more. Talk about a major day!
  • Being able to dance well
I find this hard because I don't focus.

Schedule: 1 hour everyday

Could Do!
  • De-cluttering my room
Schedule: This should be done slowly, when I have time to spare so that it won't be a major major clean-up, then won't get finished because of my feeling of being overwhelmed. In Short, BIT by BIT.
  • Being able to sing well - my voice cracks and I think I'm just squeaking instead of singing.
Schedule: Twice a Week.
  • Being physically fit - I'm slim but I never looked healthy
Schedule: BIT by BIT everyday, no exceptions. 10 minutes each day, perhaps?

See how easy it is to take action once you commit and put your mind to it!

At the end of these steps go back to Step 1 and your original goal of feeling full of energy. How are you feeling now that you have completed some tasks and have a plan to complete the rest? Have your levels of energy increased? Have you achieved your goal of getting more energy? If so, remember to celebrate these small steps too. How will you reward yourself? This too will help with your motivation levels and keep you going when obstacles come your way.


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08 October 2011 @ 11:18 pm
Is love destined or is it a choice?
Choice. Many people come into our lives but it depends on who you want to stay. And besides you can't wait for fate to work on you without YOU doing something FIRST. Oops. I sound bitter at that *gets bricked*.
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Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?
Most? People, whether you know them or not, are most honest HERE. It's a great diary for all of us and the one we can confide to when our friends can't.
And of course the fanfictions.. the main reason why I got here and stayed here. And count the customized MoodThemes as a plus.
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03 October 2011 @ 08:19 am
Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?
I keep it a SECRET to everyone I personally know. I want to make new friends online with those who like to read and write and get in touch most of the time.
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19 September 2011 @ 10:56 am
What do you like best about your city or hometown? What do you want to change?
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What music lifts you up when you’re feeling down?

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12 September 2011 @ 01:18 am
Where were you?
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